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Top 5 Skincare Products He Steals From You and Thinks You Don't Know

Okay, we are just going to call you out gents! You think we don't notice that the shower gel we just bought last week is more than half gone and you are smelling suspiciously fruity? Or that your skin is glowing like Kim Kardashian on the Met Gala red carpet?  

Research by esteemed skincare brand Olay, and reported by Pretty52, shows that 78 percent of the men polled would not go out and buy their own personal skincare products so we asked the ladies here at WBCo. which products their significant others were snaffling from the bathroom cupboard and here are the top 5 skincare products...


1. Moisturiser

"No, I would never moisturise my face, absolutely not!" so he says to the lads down the pub but in all honesty he is totally sneaking a few pumps of your WBCo. Day Cream when he thinks you aren't looking. How else is his skin THAT beautiful?


2. Cleanser

He has heard you raving about how much you love your Bog Myrtle and Lime Cleanser and his interest has piqued. So much so, he indulges in a full cleansing ritual then pretends he was 'cleaning the bathroom'. Sure.


3. Brow Boost

So this is a little more specific to WBCo. and our products but we have it on good authority from the girls in the office that their partners are often getting in on the brow boosting action. Go on lads, embrace the brow!


4. Facial Mist

When it was a little warmer, I know my boyfriend absolutely loved the Peppermint and Coconut Facial Mists! In fact, both bottles disappeared for a little while and he was looking extra dewy...


5. Hand Cream

If your partner works with his hands a lot, you can be sure he has his eyes on your super expensive hand cream that you bought on a whim because you were feeling a little extra! But on the plus side, his hands don't feel like sand paper anymore...we'll take that one on the chin!


So there you have it, the top 5 products that men steal from their wives and girlfriends as told by the ladies at WBCo. We shouldn't complain too much, we absolutely love to hear about men taking care of their skin and taking an interest in a good skincare routine...

But lads, get your own!