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If You Can't Drink Your Water, Eat It!

There are lots of ways to help you remember to drink water; from slick apps with reminders to sleek bottles designed to help you drink more often so why do some of us still find it so difficult to stay hydrated?


Whether you don't like drinking water or you are just too busy to remember, making sure you drink enough water should be at the top of your priority list! Staying hydrated has a boat load of benefits including beautiful GLOWING skin, keeping your blood oxygenated, balances electrolytes, keeps your kidneys working in tip top condition and boosts your mood and energy levels!

Those of you whom have experienced dehydration (fellow hangover sufferers will know this all too well!), it can cause serious problems if it isn't tackled. Symptoms of dehydration include dizziness, headaches, tiredness and dull and blotchy skin...

Mmmm, we'll pass.  

So, let's get this straight...

  1. You don't want to get dehydrated

  2. You want all of the amazing benefits of staying hydrated

  3. But you aren't great at remembering to

  4. And/or you don't like to drink water?

Seems like you have a bit of a conundrum there, friend.


Eat Your Water

Now you are talking our language! There are lots of high water content foods that can help you hit your H2O intake without having to drink so much through the day. We have pulled together a nifty little list of different fruits, veg and dairy that you can incorporate into your diet and other lovely benefits they have. Hurrah! 



At the top of this list for its outstanding water content, lettuce is made up of 96% water and the other 4% contains lovely vitamins and minerals that help blood clotting, strengthen your immune system and give your bones a good dose of calcium to keep them strong. Pretty good start!



Cats might be terrified of them (we've all seen the videos) but cucumbers are flying the flag for food with a very high water content. They are extremely low in calories too so you can fill your boots

Or put them in your gin. You know, whatever.



Whether you love it or hate it, celery is a great way to top up those hydration levels! It also helps to lower inflammation, reduce blood pressure and it contains a molecule that is being studied for its anti-cancer properties! We'll have alllllll the celery please.


At a whopping 92%, watermelon packs a hell of a hydration punch! Not only that but it also contains Vitamin C and Vitamin A, both of which are great for skin and hair. Watermelon is basically a magical beauty food.



I think we can all agree that strawberries are delicious, but did you know that they are also chock full of water!? Boasting the same high water content as their watermelon counterparts, strawberries contain a good dose of fibre, folic acid and potassium (all good stuff your body will love!)


Raw Spinach

Popeye ate this stuff by the tin and his skin was flawless so clearly this is a winner. But seriously, spinach is 91% water as well as being full of iron, which helps to improve the quality of your blood. So ladies, when you are on your period, grab a handful of spinach and stick it on your plate to give you a little boost.



Mmm, delicious fuzzy balls of tasty water! Another low calorie winner, peaches have lots of vitamins and antioxidants which may help improve heart health, reduce allergy symptoms and they contain fibre to give your digestive system a helping hand. Yasss peaches!



This citrus fruit has a very respectable 87% water content plus it has antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to boot! In fact, one medium sized orange can deliver 130% of your vitamin C daily intake. Just be careful not to overdo the oranges, it could lead to abdominal cramps and uncomfortable trips to the toilet if you have too many!


Plain Yoghurt

Yoghurt, while mostly made of water, contains lactic bacteria which is great for digestion and calming an irritated stomach, and if you are feeling good on the inside, you are going to be looking good on the outside! For those living the vegan life, try soy or coconut milk based yoghurt.



Sadly chocolate wasn't on the list and the jury is still out on wine but if you have certain requirements, there are lots more examples of high water content foods online for you to check out. Don't forget to drop us a comment below with the ways you like to stay hydrated!



Now, go forth and eat your water!



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